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Hi, I'm Bridget!

I'm the founder and lead designer of SOTB.  I have a masters degree in merchandising, and there is nothing I love more than designing a space.  People eat with their eyes first! I believe that while it is so important to express yourself through your space, it's equally important for the space to be livable and functional.

Having spent many years in a logistics role, I learned how an organized system makes things flow that much better.

South of the Boulevard came about as the people around me started to notice my passion for design and asked for my help in their spaces.  I can't thank these clients enough for turning a small dream into a small business!


Hi, I'm Cass!

Growing up I worked in our family's hardware store, where I spent my formative years working with contractors and painters helping to solve their challenges.  This experience provided me with quality knowledge of the construction business.  

I truly enjoy working with people and taking on any challenge I'm given.  When I'm not working with a client or doing  home improvements for my wife, I am also a full time realtor.  I love bringing people into new homes and helping them dream and execute what that space could truly be.