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South of the Boulevard

is a full service design and construction company located in Rockaway Beach, NY. 


We specialize in interior design, light construction, organization and painting.  

Our goal is to provide functional and livable solutions that make your house feel like home.

I'm Bridget

South of the Boulevard is a company that strives to make your house a home.  Your home is a reflection of your personality, but it shouldn't be a place where you pull the never-ending chaos of the outside world in.

Along with my husband Cass, I work hard to ensure that spaces are not only functional and organized, but beautiful and livable.  Life these days is fast-paced, sometimes chaotic and if you're anything like us, there are tiny little feet scampering all over the place and pillows strewn around the room.  Our goal is to let life be lived in the space, but for our clients to still feel at peace and at home when it's time to wind down after a long chaotic day.

We truly love being a part of changing a space for the better and helping to make people's lives more beautiful.

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